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Hanging air freshener - 3-pack - Miami Breeze „HOMBRE“ - Scent

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Manufacturer: Miami Breeze
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Our customers compare this scent directly to Louis Vuitton

Miami Breeze Hanging Air Freshener is a simple yet effective way to keep your car smelling fresh. Designed to hang from anywhere inside your vehicle, these fresheners release a continuous, rejuvenating scent that permeates your entire cabin, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere on every ride.

Just hang it up and enjoy—no maintenance required!

The Benefits of a Miami Breeze Hanging Air Freshener

  • Ideal for Any Vehicle!

    Perfect for luxury cars, trucks, SUVs, and caravans.

  • Versatile Use

    Also great for eliminating odors in your home, including laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms, and offices.

Miami Breeze Hombre Scent

Experience pure luxury with Miami Breeze Hombre Scent, the ultimate fragrance for your car.

People compare its scent to the luxurious fragrances of Louis Vuitton.

Many become instantly addicted after their first encounter with this high end fragrance.

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Author:  am 30/05/2024     Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!

This hanging air freshener is amazing. I got one, and as soon as I put it in my spouse’s car, she was impressed by the amazing scent. We both immediately got the impression it smells like one of our Louis Vuitton fragrances. Highly, highly recommend!

Great job, we love it!

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Customer Reviews

Bewertung Kunde Fiona
1 day ago
- The cleaner is the best I've ever used!

I recently purchased a used car at a wonderful price, but the upholstery is that lighter beige colour and has some food stains. (probably from some kids). After doing extensive research on cleaning products, I chose this one. This cleanser completes it all quite quickly. It continues to astound me how beautifully it worked. Highly recommended!!

Bewertung Kunde Patrick
1 day ago

Klasse Produkt! Hat mir schon so manchen Fleck aus dem Wagen entfernt und riecht dabei auch noch angenehm und erfrischend.Klare Note 1

Bewertung Kunde Kathy
1 day ago
The real deal, a magic!

It's not less than magic, in my opinion. My car seat had stains, but this product quickly removed them. Simply put, it saved me the 0 I had planned to spend on detailing. I also put it to the test on my couch at home, and it worked like a magic wand. Highly suggested. Although its emissions and odour are not particularly nice, who cares? I'm alright with it as long as the fabric gets a good clean.

Bewertung Kunde Mark
2 days ago

Unfassbar mega Cockpit Reiniger und Leder Lotion. Innenraum sieht aus wie neu aber das Beste mein Auto riecht wie neu. Meine Freundin meinte sie ist schon was süchtig nach dem Geruch. Kann ich nur jedem empfehlen. Habe Jahre lang nach solch einem Produkt gesucht und echt alle ausprobiert.Die kommen nicht mal im entferntesten an diesen coolen Cockpit Spray ran.

Bewertung Kunde Inge
2 days ago

With this substance, years of filth and melting candies were quickly removed off the centre console. It smelled great and was the finest one I've used so far.

Bewertung Kunde Jais
2 days ago
Great Product

Having two children in car seats and a brand-new Palisade means a lot of muck and food/milk stains. This spray has cleaned up a TON of the gunk, and it's much less expensive and easier to use than getting the car detailed four times a year. Such a great purchase…

Bewertung Kunde John
3 days ago
old stains that other products had left behind

This item is really worthwhile! I had given up trying to remove the old stains off the leather seats in my Highlander. The stains are 99% removed after using this cleaner in just a few minutes! Without a doubt, I'll keep buying this.

Bewertung Kunde David
3 days ago
Worked great!

I got this to put on my car's interior. The designers determined that covering the door handles with linen would look excellent. Although it may appear attractive, the handles become very dusty and accumulate water stains when it rains.

Bewertung Kunde Frederik
3 days ago
Excellent Products

Blitzversand der DHL-Paket, wobei die Sendungsnummer schon am selben Tag bereitgestellt wurde. Direkter und serviceorientierter Kontakt. Einfach nur mega!

Bewertung Kunde Phil D
Phil D
4 days ago
Instantly cleaned

Great for seat stains. Instantly cleaned. Worth the money.

Bewertung Kunde Brett
4 days ago
Really good product

Excellent smell!! Very effectively cleaning with ultra - soft wash cloth.

Bewertung Kunde anne
5 Nov 2022
Cleans and moisturizes

I've used a lot of different car cleaning chemicals over the years. The greatest interior cleaner I've ever used is this. No glossy or oily film. fantastic on plastic and leather. I'll purchase another to keep on hand. Outstanding, simply.

Bewertung Kunde Alison
5 days ago
Very clean scent, works great

I like the clean fresh scent, not too strong. Cleaned the black interior of my car well. Exactly what I was looking for, at a reasonable price.

Bewertung Kunde SK
6 days ago

The interior cleaner I tried really impressed me! Not only did it remove all the stains, but it also left an amazingly fresh scent. Since using it, my car feels like new, and I canstill smell the pleasant fragrance long after cleaning. I would highly recommend this interior cleaner to anyone who wants a clean and fresh-smelling car. 5 stars!

Bewertung Kunde Jacob
Jacob S
6 days ago

Top Produkt habe es schon beides getestet mit keinem anderen zu vergleichen außergewöhnlich sehr gut nach Neu Wagen. Hatte bereits von verschiedenen Anbietern schon bestellt und ausprobiert doch der New comer Miami Breeze Innenreiniger und Leder Lotion überschlägt alles mit Abstand. Mega Kundenservice jeder Cent war es definitiv Wertwerde weiterhin bestellen und kann es jedem nur empfehlen.

Bewertung Kunde Marion
7 days ago

Super Pflegemittel für Ledersitze mit angenehmen Geruch.

Bewertung Kunde Christoph
7 days ago

Sehr zu empfehlen die Cockpit und die Lederpflege!

Bewertung Kunde Hela
7 days ago

Sehr gut und ein angenehmer Geruch, werde ich auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen!


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